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Need for Speed Unbound new trailer overtook you

Need for Speed Unbound new trailer overtook you

Need For Speed Unbound will be the new debut of the franchise, and EA is preparing a lot of new features - including about 10,000 customization options, a risk and reward system, and other features. Now, in the dawn of a new trailer, it's possible to see clips from several races.

The video emphasizes the Speed Race, where you will step on the pedal in a straight line to put your car's acceleration and speed to the test. Unlike drag racing, these tracks have a few corners to curb your momentum.



One of the big highlights of the three-minute video is its art style, which blends elements of anime with photorealism and the cartoonish effects of the cars during the races. There are races during the day and at night, and the graphics look stylish and flashy.

The next entry in the Need For Speed franchise is all about high risk and high reward. If you are confident in your skills, you can bet against one of the competitors in the race and pull in extra cash if you beat them. But the cops won't take it lightly if they see you breaking the speed limit. A chase that starts with a couple of cars may end up turning into a massive game of cat and mouse involving the entire police force where you are the street rat.

Need for Speed Unbound is set in Lakeshore City, a city inspired by Chicago. Here, players must dominate the streets to recover a car of priceless value from the character portrayed by the American rapper A$ap Rocky. 

The game will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on December 2. The return of one of the most popular racing series promises an exhilarating driving experience, stunning graphics, and top-level customization. Check out our comparator for cheap CD Keys for Need For Speed Unbound and race away to victory.

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