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Need For Speed Heat is available

Need For Speed Heat is available

The Need For Speed series includes some of the most popular racing video games. It is true that some of the titles of the franchise veered off course and that elements like loot boxes or live-action cutscenes were not of the taste of many players. Still, the latest installment in the series aims to correct all that with a renewed focus on the classic cop vs. racer theme.



Need For Speed Heat entices the fans of arcade racing games with exciting gameplay and a variety of mechanics that allow you to create your own level of comfort. The bigger is the risk you take, the better is the reward. As you probably know already, the game features two distinct gameplay modes. During the day, you will compete in sanctioned race events that will reward you with cash. You can use that cash to customize and improve your car as much as you want, and even though there is a certain level of difficulty in these competitions, the real challenge comes at night.

When the sun goes down, you will take part in illegal street races where you will build up your rep. Playing Need For Speed Heat is like having a double life. Good guy during the day, criminal at night. Of course, the extra adrenaline that comes from racing at night has an added level of challenge. In this case, this comes in the form of the police, who are on the hunt for racers like you. The more rep you have, the more aggressive they will be, and if they catch you, you can say goodbye to your earnings. But if you manage to lose them, the reward will be much better.



Need For speed Heat offers you Palm City to race to your heart's content. The game features plenty of cars and customization options so you can create your vehicle and race in style to achieve your dream of becoming a true street racer.

Need For Speed Heat is already available, and you can find the best prices to buy it in our comparator.

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