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Multiplayer Horror Game Propnight Announced

Multiplayer Horror Game Propnight Announced

Need another game of thrills and chills this Halloween? Propnight is a 4v1 multiplayer survival horror game with a comedic twist--you can turn into an inanimate object to hide from the killer. You can “engage in physics-based mayhem” as you run and disguise yourself as props. Check out the trailer now. 



This asymmetrical competitive game feels like an R.L. Stine book mixed with the mechanics of Dead by Daylight and an indie game called Prop Hunt. Borrowing from Dead by Daylight, You play as four teenagers who need to escape the level by finding and repairing several Propmachines. You are hunted by another player as a monstrous killer who will stop at nothing to cut the heroes down. The trailer features a masked murderer wielding a curved knife and a character resembling the Nun (from The Conjuring 2) wearing bladed gloves. There are sure to be other killers with equally gruesome ways of offing players. 

Just like in Prop Hunt, the teens can stay alive by transforming into any sort of props they see: tires, chairs, barrels, giant chess pieces, sacks, pumpkins, scarecrows—you name it. However, they still need to turn into human form to repair each of the Propmachines, giving the killer a window of opportunity to spot them and take them out.

It’s pretty clear from the gameplay that Propnight isn’t so much about lying still and pretending you’re an inanimate object. As a prop, you can hop and float around like a character from a Disney cartoon. 

You can check out fifteen minutes of gameplay, care of IGN:


When is Propnight coming out?

Propnight will release on November 30, 2021, on the PC. Check out cheap prices for Propnight with our price comparator.


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