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Mexico civilization arrives to Age of Empires III next week

Mexico civilization arrives to Age of Empires III next week

While Age of Empires IV is having a very sweet moment after its launch and plenty of players are exploring the new features that it brings to the series, Microsoft has not forgotten about its predecessor. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition already includes many civilizations to choose from, each of them with its own iconic units and gameplay style, but a new one is on the way. Mexico civilization will join the long list of cultures available in the game starting next week, and it will add plenty of new strategic options to the game with new exclusive features.

Mexico Civilization DLC features some unique mechanics described on the official website:


"The burgeoning Mexican States can choose to Revolt instead of advancing to the Fortress, Industrial, or Imperial Ages. Each Revolt offers you a whole new deck full of opportunities."

"Unlike any other civilization, Mexico can reverse their revolts and return to Mexico, while still retaining access to the benefits of any cards sent during the revolution. Add in a brand-new set of Federal States to evolve your gameplay and the Mexico civilization can adapt to any strategic situation like no other."



Those that purchase the new DLC will also have access to a exclusive scenario in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition:


"Grito de Dolores - As the Bourbon Reforms granted the Spanish elite more power and diminished that of the church, resentment grew among the rural Mexican population. When news of Napoleon Bonaparte's conquest of Spain reached the Americas, the words of a Catholic priest ignited the sparks of revolution."

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If you are a long-term fan of Age of Empires, you probably already own the United States DLC. Starting next week, you will also have access to a new scenario for free, The Burning of USS Philadelphia historical battle. And if you have both Mexico Civilization DLC and the United States DLC, you will have access to yet another scenario, The Battle of Queenston Heights.

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