Post-apocalyptic FPS Meet Your Maker launches today

Post-apocalyptic FPS Meet Your Maker launches today

Behaviour Interactive is releasing today a new first-person shooter that will revolutionize the genre with its innovative mechanics. Meet Your Maker is a futuristic game set in the aftermath of an apocalypse. In the game, your goal is to protect the Chimera, a living experiment created as a last resort to save Earth. As its Custodian, your mission is to gather genetic material to allow the Chimera to evolve while building an inexpugnable outpost to defend the Chimera from raiders. Meet Your Maker takes a significantly different approach to such mechanics than other similar games, and offers a new type of experience for those players looking for some action.



Make your outpost a trap

Meet Your Maker offers you a wide array of assets to build any type of outpost you want. The game features a block-based system that lets you easily create a fortification. While trying to prevent enemies from reaching your Chimera to steal generic material should be your priority when designing your outpost, you need to keep in mind that it will also be a way of getting resources. If you create a maze that is easy to defend, fill it with traps that can kill your enemies, and set appropriate routes for patrols, you will be able to reap the rewards from the corpses of the deceased enemies.

Prepare to raid

In Meet Your Maker, you will also need to raid other outposts to gather resources. The game lets you build your character as you please and try multiple weapons and skill configurations to take on fortifications created by other players. Get in, steal what you can, and get out before you get killed and you will get resources that you can spend on improving your outpost and getting new equipment.

Bring your friends

Meet Your Maker is an experience you don't need to enjoy alone. You can join other players in co-op mode, build an outpost and go raiding with them to face even bigger challenges. The game challenges you with unlimited player-created content but Behaviour has plans to expand the game even further post-launch. The developer has revealed that it will release additional free content, including environments, custodians, weapons, traps, guards, and cosmetic items soon after the game is available. 

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