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Knockout City is free to play up to level 25

Knockout City is free to play up to level 25

It's not uncommon for developers and publishers to give you the opportunity of trying their new games for free for a limited time. This is the case with Knockout City. The futuristic dodgeball competitive game from Velan Studios was available to everyone for free during the first ten days after its launch and plenty of players took advantage of the opportunity to give the game a try without having to purchase it. Knockout City is not designed as a free-to-play game, therefore, now that the trial is over everyone playing it would have to decide if it's worth their money or not.

Knockout City features team-based competitive matches with dodgeball mechanics in a futuristic setting. It's a multiplayer-only game, so the developers are quite aware of the importance of having a sizeable community for matchmaking to work. That is probably the reason behind the announcement made by Velan Studios on the official Knockout City account on Twitter, which reveals that the game will continue to be completely free for any player as long as they are below level 25. 



With this change, they grant for themselves a stable flow of players that will make the starting experience as thrilling as it should be. Those players that reach level 25 will have to purchase the game to continue playing, so the higher tiers will be available only to those that pay. It will be more than enough time for new players to discover all the mechanics and figure out if Knockout City is worth their time and money. So far, the game has been a success and plenty of players have tried it. It's included in EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, which give you full access to the game as long as you maintain them. If you decide to purchase Knockout City anytime, don't forget to visit our comparator to find it at the best price.


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