Knights of Honor II: Sovereign releases next week

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign releases next week

THQ Nordic and Black Sea Games bring us their exciting take on the grand strategy genre with Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. Europe is your playground in this medieval simulator that puts you at the head of a nation as its new king. Choose your kingdom and fight for control of the continent in a game that makes a genre that is usually complex quite accessible to newcomers. It does not mean that the game is lacking when it comes to features and micromanagement. Instead, Knights of Honor II: Sovereign offers you a well-designed interface and easy-to-learn mechanics that will allow you to master the game shortly after you start playing.



The center of your kingdom in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is the Royal Court, which can be composed of several types of Knights. Each of them favors a distinct type of approach to the game. Marshals will boost your military capabilities, Diplomats can negotiate offensive and defensive pacts that will let you extend your influence across the continent, Merchants will increase your income with new trade options, and Spies will let you disrupt your opponents' efforts. No matter which ones you choose, Knights of Honor II: Sovereign lays at your feet a huge map with more than 300 provinces and 200 historical kingdoms in an accurate representation of Europe in the Middle Ages.

Of course, you will have to fight to defend what's yours and conquer other kingdoms. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign lets you control your armies on the battlefield in exciting real-time battles and sieges. The game features more than 100 different types of units, ranging from fierce infantry to massive siege weapons, that you can control to decimate your foes and claim victory.

If you want an additional challenge, Knights of Honor II: Sovereign lets you play in several multiplayer modes for up to six players. Whether you prefer co-op or free-for-all games, each of them has different victory conditions and will be quite an exciting experience.



The game will launch on December 6 on PC, and you can use our comparator anytime to get your copy of Knights of Honor II: Sovereign cheap.

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