Jack has received an upgrade for Tekken 8

Jack has received an upgrade for Tekken 8

The legendary Russian robot created by Doctor Bosconovitch holds a deep grudge against Kazuya Mishima and will be back to settle things up in Tekken 8. The new Jack-8 has been enhanced with the latest technology and it's the ultimate fighting machine. You can watch him fighting against King in the latest character presentation video for Tekken 8 right below.



Mechanical violence at its best

His limited sentient capabilities make Jack-8 make a humanoid weapon capable of fighting without feeling any remorse. He takes full advantage of his mechanized power to punch, kick, and throw his opponents as if they were ragdolls. His new visual style looks impressive and makes him as fearsome as ever. A massive humanoid robot is not something you want to see charging at you at full speed to crush your bones.

The fight to win The King of Iron Fist Tournament will be more exciting than ever in Tekken 8. The eighth installment in the iconic fighting series will add quite a few novelties, including the new Rage Arts and the Heat System which Bandai Namco presented along with Nina Williams. Seasoned Tekken players will have to devise new strategies, and think about how to take advantage of the new mechanics and counter them in combat if they want to come up victorious. 

Considering that Tekken 8 does not have a release date yet, it may be best for the game not to be a part of the EVO lineup this year, as players would have very little time to practice if Tekken 8 was released ahead of the tournament. In any case, we hope to play the game as soon as possible. Remember to check out the best deals on Tekken 8 CD keys at our comparator before you purchase your copy.

Tekken 8
Tekken 8
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