Iron Harvest is getting a lot of free content this month

Iron Harvest is getting a lot of free content this month

Iron Harvest was released just a few days ago and despite many people think that the real-time strategy genre is not going through its best moment, the game is doing reasonably well. It's possible that some of the players that are already rampaging through Europe with an army of mechanized troops expected that the game would have a bit more content other than the 30 hours of the campaign, the multiplayer modes, and the skirmishes, and the developers seem to be happy to oblige. Developer King Art Games has revealed Iron Harvest's roadmap for the current month on its official Twitter account and it seems that players are getting new bits of content every single week.



Starting next week, Iron Harvest will receive the addition of a new 3v3 map and a co-op option for the campaign mode so players can conquer Europe with the help of a friend. In the weeks to follow we will see the addition of more features, including new maps, a glossary, and a ranked mode. All of those will contribute to giving even more gameplay options to the players, making Iron Harvest a fully-fledged real-time strategy game like the best ones in the genre.



Developer King Art Games has not revealed any plans for expanding the content of Iron Harvest beyond that, at least not yet, and we will have to wait at least until next month to see if they have more surprises in store for us. Even before these additions, Iron Harvest offers quite a compelling campaign with a great story that will allow you to experience a thrilling conflict in which several different factions struggle to conquer what remains of Europe after the end of the Great War. In this alternate version of history, technology has been developed in unprecedented ways and human-controlled machines form the main body of each faction's army, offering you a completely new scenario to wage war against your opponents. If you love RTS games, Iron Harvest is an experience that you can't miss.

  • Official website : Iron Harvest
  • Categories : Strategy
  • Editor : Prime Matter
  • Developer : KING Art
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : August 31, 2020
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