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For Honor adds new content in May

For Honor adds new content in May

The upcoming season of For Honor starts next month and it comes with more maps and two new heroes.

Publisher Ubisoft has announced the release of Shadow and Might, the second season of For Honor. The hack and slash fighting videogame developed by Ubisoft Montreal, creators of titles like Watch Dogs 2 or Far Cry Primal, is getting two new free multiplayer maps, Forge and Temple Garden, available for everyone that owns the game. Along with those, players will see the introduction of a new tier level for equipment, Epic Gear, as well as some balance-orientated changes in the gear stats system. This new season also comes with more customization options for your characters and the start of the second Faction War, the second round of the cross-platform combat event that brings Knights, Samurais and Vikings face to face.

The two new heroes are the Centurion and the Shinobi, and they will be joining the ranks of The Legion and The Chosen respectively. Shinobis are silent and gracile samurai assassins, able to attack with deadly precision with their weapon of choice, the Japanese Kusarigama. The centurions are hybrid knights, experts in strategic close-quarter combat and equipped with the reliable standard issue gladius.

If you have For Honor Season Pass you will be granted access to both of them for free on May 16, when this new season begins on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Otherwise, you will have to unlock them using the Steel in-game currency, starting from May 23, one week later.

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