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Hitman 2 gets Bank DLC in June

Hitman 2 gets Bank DLC in June

The roadmap for Hitman 2 is here. IO Interactive has announced their plans for the next adventures of Agent 47, revealing the first brand new location that will be added to the game as DLC that will arrive on June 25. This new content will feature an all-new campaign mission entitled Golden Handshake, a sandbox playground that will give players opportunities to make good use of their imagination to eliminate their targets in the most creative ways. After all, devising new ways of getting rid of your target is one of the most fun aspects of Hitman 2.

The Bank DLC comes as part of the Hitman 2's Expansion Pass content, which has already had added a new Sniper Challenge mission as well as other different contents to the game since it was released last year. To make it more interesting, players who own the Expansion Pass will also get two new Special Assignments added to the game on the same day, which will modify existing levels in interesting ways to encourage you to go back and replay them with a whole new twist. Mumbai and Santa Fortuna are the first two maps to get these changes, with the Embrace of the Serpent and Illusions of Grandeur missions. As part of the Legacy Pack, two of the previous game's elusive targets (the guru and the congressman) will be returning to Sapienza on June 7. Also, there will be a new escalation contract called The O'Leary Conflagration that's all about messing with Helen's Muffin Kitchen and will probably involve burning a whole lot of people to death. That's due on June 13 and it will be free to everyone. It will be followed by another escalation called The Unpalatable Termination on June 20, and new featured contracts with the theme of Assassin's Greed. Finishing those will unlock the handyman toolbox. June 27 brings yet another escalation, The Aquatic Retribution (a trip to the aquarium, apparently) and finally on June 29, another legacy elusive target: Mr. Giggles, the entertainer, will be back in Marrakesh.



As you can see Agent 47 is getting a busy summer, so if you are up for all those new missions you just have to visit our comparator to get Hitman 2 at the best price if you don´t have the game yet.

  • Official website : HITMAN 2
  • Categories : Action
  • Developer : IO INTERACTIVE
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Co-op
  • Release date : November 13, 2018
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