Heroes of the Storm finally gets seasons

Heroes of the Storm finally gets seasons

Last week, Blizzard revealed quite a handful of news for Heroes of the Storm fans. Coming soon to Heroes of the Storm are 2 characters from the Warcraft universe – Chromie and Medivh. Chromie who is expected to enter the storm on May 17 takes the role of an assassin while Medivh is going to be a specialist. Also on the way are reworks to Arthas, Anub’Arak, and Falstad. Blizzard also revealed the long-anticipated revamp for Heroes of the Storm’s ranked play. Heroes of the Storm will finally start its first season a year after its initial release on June 14.



The new ranked system will be broken up into 7 League Tiers and having the first 5 tiers (bronze to diamond) further broken down into 5 divisions. A player will be assigned an initial rank after 10 placement matches. A player will then gain/lose rank points after winning/losing ranked games. Once a player has earned enough points, he/she has a chance to move up to the next tier or division after winning a Promotion Match. If a player loses enough points, then he/she is given a chance to remain in the current tier or division by winning a Demotion Match. The Master and Grand Master Leagues will not have divisions, instead, players are given badges that show the total number of points they have earned in Master League for the season. The top 500 players are assigned Grand Master badges ranging from 500 to 1. The Grand Master rankings are to be updated on a daily basis. A few things to note regarding the seasons:

  • seasons are expected to last somewhere around 8 to 12 weeks with the first season being slightly longer than the regular
  • silenced players are restricted from participating in Hero League
  • season rewards will include gold, portrait, and mounts
  • the player’s highest ranking during the season is taken into account for the season rewards

For more info, check out the official post from Blizzard Ranked Play Revamp.   Check out Doom Requirements here. Also, get the best deals to purchase a DOOM CD Key and its DLCs or games like Dying Light 2 on our comparator!

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