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Gravity-defying theme park sim Park Beyond launching this June

Gravity-defying theme park sim Park Beyond launching this June

From the makers of Tropico comes a new simulator that lets you “impossify” your own theme parks. Limbic Entertainment’s Park Beyond lets you create mind-boggling rides and attractions that defy the laws of physics, letting your imagination run wild as you build whatever crazy design you like. Check out the Park Beyond gameplay trailer here:



Park Beyond lets you make completely unhinged rides that pretend gravity doesn’t exist. You can build carousels that rise in layers like a wedding cake, or rollercoaster loops that stack one on top of the other. Or a modular ride where cars are shot out of a cannon and land safely on the track each time. You can also make rides that twist and fly all over the park grounds.

Of course, there are still the nuts and bolts of a theme park sim. You need to create rides and place them on the map, but you also need to run the park itself, hiring employees and entertainers, creating scenery to attract more customers, and making sure you stay profitable throughout your run. 

You can play a Story mode where you work with partners: fun-loving theme park veteran Phil, the more straight-laced executive Izzy, and several more colorful employees who all aim to build the best, most fun park possible. Alternatively, you can do the free build mode, letting only your imagination guide and limit your creations.

Park Beyond already has ideas for future DLCs. Check out the Zombie Impossification trailer here:



If you would like to try your hand at building these impossible rides, Bandai Namco is having a closed beta test this May 9 to 19. The full game itself is launching on June 16 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Pre-order a Park Beyond PS5 code at the best prices from our comparator. 

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