Grab MudRunner for free this week on PC

Grab MudRunner for free this week on PC

Although most people keeps an eye on the special offers that are available through the weekend due to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, not all of those are focused on hardware. You can find quite a few discounts all over the internet to buy your favorite games, and pages like Steam or Epic Games Store have special sales in which you can find plenty of games at a lower price. Regarding the later, the sale doesn't mean that there is not going to be a free game this week, and you can get your copy of MudRunner at Epic Games Store without having to pay a dime during next few days. 

MudRunner is an off-road driving simulator in which you will take charge of incrediby powerful vehicles. You will transport logs across the dangerous Syberian wilderness just with the help of a map and a compass. Trying to take the best route is going to be mandatory if you want to reach your destination in one piece and with your cargo intact, and you will have to keep an eye on your fuel reserves too, unless you want to end stranded in the middle of nowhere. MudRunner offers you quite a challenging driving experience in which speed is not always the best idea. The game puts at your disposal several all-terrain Soviet vehicles but you can add quite a lot of them more as well as new maps thanks to several DLC. You can get three of them for free on Epic Games Store, including Old-timers, The Valley, and The Ridge, but the American Wilds expansion for MudRunner is also available with a very nice discount.



MudRunner will be claimable for free until December 3. Then it will be replaced by Cave Story+, an indie platformer that reminisces classic 16-bit games. 

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