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GORN, A VR Gladiator Simulator, Is Coming To Early Access

GORN, A VR Gladiator Simulator, Is Coming To Early Access

Gladiators have always been violent and bloodthirsty creatures. Well, if you were a slave that was forced to kill other slaves in order to survive, you would be that way too. Now, imagine a virtual reality game where you get to play as a gladiator. Swinging swords, chopping off heads, throwing spears into the chests of other men, that sort of thing, all done in VR. GORN, a brand new title, aims to bring just that to our gaming setups, and it's coming to Steam's Early Access on July 10. You can check out the game's bloody and very gruesome gameplay trailer down below.



It's quite obvious that the developers ofGORN don't want the game to be brooding and serious, judging by the cartoony graphics and the rather bright graphics that are full of light colours, but the gameplay is quite violent. You can see the enemies getting cut in half, impaled by spears, and at one point it looks like the player is about to rip one of the other gladiator's head off. Quite disturbing, and bloody, but that is to be expected from a gladiator simulator. This is what gladiators were doing to each other when they were fighting, and it's shown quite distinctly in the gameplay trailer.




GORN will give you lots of weapons that you can use to cut or smash your enemies to pieces, like swords, maces, throwing knives, and so on, but you can always use your own hands if you want to get personal. What do you think, will GORN be bloody enough to be a true gladiator simulator? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Official website : GORN
  • Categories : Action
  • Editor : Devolver Digital
  • Developer : Free Lives
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : July 18, 2019
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