We’re Getting A New Game Based On The Avatar Universe

We’re Getting A New Game Based On The Avatar Universe

What do you think about a new game set in the Avatar universe? A lot of people would like to see a new Avatar game, especially a good one, since the last one didn't quite live up to many expectations. But, we will be seeing another attempt at it, since Massive, Lightstorm and Fox Interactive are teaming up to create a new Avatar game, and this one sounds like it could be something quite interesting.



You can watch the video for yourself, but it doesn't show us much, so we don't really know what the game will be or what's it about, we just know that's it going to be set in the Avatar's universe. You can judge from the video, the people that want to create this game seem really passionate about it, and they should be, since this universe offers a lot of things that would be awesome to see in a video game, and we really want to see those things. The game will undoubtedly feature amazing, breathtaking graphics, but the gameplay, that still isn't certain. We're hoping that it will be an action game with RPG elements, (maybe something like Fallout 4 or The Witcher 2?), as that kind of seems like the best possible combination considering everything that can be found in this universe.

We will visit Pandora in the future, and it will be a detailed, beautiful Pandora that will without a doubt offer a lot of fun to us, and we are excited to see just what the game will look like, and what genres it will combine to amaze us!

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