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Get your Outcast: Second Contact copy for free!

Get your Outcast: Second Contact copy for free!

Black Friday is here and there are quite a lot of deals everywhere, but to sweeten even more your shopping the guys from Humble Bundle have decided to give a copy of Outcast: Second Contact to everyone that feels like visiting them and grabbing it. Outcast: Second Contact is the remake of Outcast, a classic action-adventure game developed by Appeal and originally launched in 1999 for PC, that has become a cult title of the sci-fi genre and one of the first videogames that showed something similar to an open world.



The game takes place in a paralell world that the U.S. government has managed to discover. The probe initially sent to explore the place was attacked by aliens, what caused an unexpected energy backlash that formed a black hole that is threatening Earth. You will be in the shoes of the Navy Seal Cutter Slade, that is sent to this foreign world in a misión to escort some scientists able to seal the black hole and save Earth from destruction. But things get complicated as son as you arrive to this new world called Adelpha, because you are separated from the scientists. You will be free to explore the world of Adelpha however you like while you search for your missing teammates, discovering the secrets of the planet and its inhabitants and living an epic adventure.

Outcast: Second Contact is a modernized versión of the original game with improved graphics and without losing any charm. You can download a DRM-Free copy of it for free thanks to Humble Bundle, but the opportunity will only be up for a very limited time, more exactly until November 24 at 19:00 CET.

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