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Get Satellite Reign free!

Get Satellite Reign free!

You can get Satellite Reign, the spiritual successor of the Syndicate series, completely free! Once more, Humble Bundle is offering a free title, and this time it´s the turn for Satellite Reign, a cyberpunk real-time strategy title inspired by one of the big classics. All the fans of the genre that played during the 90s most probably remember Bullfrog's Syndicate series, composed by a couple of titles, Syndicate (1993/1994) and Syndicate Wars (1996), where you were in charge of a syndicate aiming for global domination through the use of cyborg agents. Satellite Reign has been created by Mike Diskett, co-founder and programmer of the original series, and it follows the spirit of the series.



This time, the action moves to "The City", a fictional futuristic place that the Dracogenics corporation has managed to control through manipulation and force. They have managed to create a prototype for immortality that has proven to be most effective when bribing politics and influencing people. Dracogenics rules the city with an iron fist but you are here to stop that. As the leader of a rival corporation, your mission is to overthrow them and claim everything. To do that, you will make use of groups of 4 agents that will follow your lead through an open-world cyberpunk city to climb up the to the top of the corporate ladder. The game also supports co-operative gameplay for up to 4 players through LAN and internet. Claim your copy of Satellite Reign free of charge at Humble Bundle. This offer will be up only for a few hours more so you must hurry up!

  • Official website : Satellite Reign
  • Categories : Action , Strategy
  • Editor : 5 Lives Studios
  • Developer : 5 Lives Studios
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : August 27, 2015
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