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Generation Zero: Overview

Generation Zero:  Overview

With a release scheduled for March 26, Generation Zero, the next title of the studio Avalanche, offers a little jump to the past, well, almost. If you are nostalgic of the 80s, Generation Zero could interest you. The title plunges you into the heart of a dystopian Sweden in which machines make the law. This sandbox game lets you embody a character and play in first-person view through a vast open world. Developed using the Apex engine, the universe of Generation Zero is certainly sad but so lifeless. Before even thinking about the machines you will face, you will have to worry about the nature around you. The game features a realistic day/night cycle and quite compelling weather effects. Generation Zero incorporates a survival dimension, so you will have to deal with the elements.

As for the famous machines, it seems that they have invaded the Swedish countryside and they are hostile. However, their origin is unknown, and you will have to solve this mystery. But for that, it will be necessary to put all your skills at the service of this mission, because you will meet several types of machines, and you will have to adapt your strategy for each of them. Generation Zero introduces an interesting mechanic that makes every damage that will happen permanent, so that if you manage to "hurt" a machine it will always be in the state you left it if you re-cross it later in the game. But do not worry, Generation Zero does not leave you alone, because it is possible to play online co-op for up to 4 players. You can call reinforcements when needed. Finally, what is undoubtedly the most exciting about Generation Zero is the care that was used to recreate the atmosphere of the 80s; not only the appearance of your character, his clothing, his hairstyle (the famous mullet!), but also the soundtrack, definitely old school, which will probably remind you of the series Stranger Things. If you want to learn more about Generation Zero, a "dev diaries" video series has been published on the official Youtube channel of the game. Here is the first of this series, published last December:



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  • Official website : Generation Zero
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Systemic Reaction™
  • Developer : Systemic Reaction™
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer, Co-op
  • Release date : March 26, 2019
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