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FromSoftware may bring back the Armored Core series

FromSoftware may bring back the Armored Core series

The huge success of the Dark Souls series makes many players forget that FromSoftware was already a known developer before it launched the popular action role-playing series. It is hard to focus on something different than Elden Ring when talking about FromSoftware as the fans are quite excited about the upcoming release, which will take place next month. Still, a recent rumor reveals that the next project of the Japanese studio would be quite far from its latest game and closer to other of its hits: the Armored Core series.

The original Armored Core was released in 1997, and it's an action video game where you control giant mechas in intense battles. In the aftermath of a great catastrophe that has destroyed most of the world's population, different corporations dominate the world, and they fight for supremacy. You can think of the games in the series as something similar to Mechwarrior games, but with a different gameplay approach that emphasizes action over strategy. 

Plenty of other games have followed the first title, and the series has expanded across many platforms and even mobile devices. A good example of the type of gameplay that has made the Armored Core series so popular is Armored Core: Verdict Day, wich was released in 2013.



That said, FromSoftware is reportedly working on a newArmored Core game that will offer a new scenario. According to the information leaked on ResetEra forums, the new game's story will revolve around a mysterious new substance called "Melange" that can dramatically advance human society. You would take the role of a mercenary involved in the fight to find and claim such substance. 

Plenty of information about the new Armored Core game has been leaked, including some images. The game would feature a multi-layered world, a high degree of customization for your mech, melee combat, and a new planet to explore.

We can't wait for FromSoftware to confirm all this info and the new Armored Core game to be announced. It will be quite spectacular if it's half as good as other works from the Japanese studio.

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  • Editor : BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
  • Developer : FromSoftware
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : September 25, 2013
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