Fortnite, inaccessible for more than 20h

Fortnite, inaccessible for more than 20h

Brilliant idea or shot in the foot? The future will tell us without a doubt, but for the moment Fortnite is raiding the most lively questions among the players.

It's unlikely you missed out on what's happening with Fortnite right now. Since last night at 20h, all servers are inaccessible. Millions of players were able to attend the end of season 10 last night. Epic Games had not teased the event "The End" that took place last night, and for good reason. Players were able to witness the appearance of an immense meteorite and the take-off of the Visitor rocket, which seems to have exploded in flight, creating multiple temporal space rifts. There following huge explosion has created a black hole, sucking the entire map.

Since then, the image of the black hole has turned into a loop, and it is impossible to access the game. Twitch and Twitter accounts of the game have broadcasted live this image since last night, and the Twitter account was also emptied of all tweets.

After the initial surprise, it is now stupor that has invaded the players. Some even thought at first that it was simply the end of Fortnite. But it is unlikely that Epic is also abruptly abandoning its most popular license. It remains to be seen what Fortnite has to offer. Epic announced recently, the arrival of bots in the next season. The name of the season alone is also debated. The logical sequence would be a season 11; the Italian App Store had accidentally put online an image referring to Chapter 2 on which we could also see a new map. Even though this is only a rumor for the moment, the coincidence with what is happening now makes it very likely that we will see the introduction of a new map.

The players have also started looking for clues. It's possible to see appear figures on the live broadcast at regular intervals, which would correspond to the following message:

    I was not alone. Others are outside the loop, this has not been calculated. Zero point is inevitable.

Others have noticed the presence of a Konami code on the interface of the game, showing a kind of Space Invaders. Some also mentioned the Fortnite site in China, which states that Chapter 2 will start on October 15, and that, considering the time difference, it may be that we have only a few hours to wait until something happens.

All this is, in any case, very mysterious, and the best we can do for the moment is to wait. Epic Games has managed to gather the attention of the mass media worldwide and may have attracted even more players to Fortnite. We hope that whatever happens will live up to this expectation.

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