Football Manager 2024 is full of new features

Football Manager 2024 is full of new features

Developer Sports Interactive Limited has created Football Manager 2024 for it to be more than the next installment in a popular simulation series. Not only the game is built using all the beloved features from its predecessor, but it also takes realism to the next level by adding new gameplay features. Overall, it aims to deliver the most authentic football management simulation experience to all players. To achieve this, the game now has new gameplay systems that delve into several aspects of management that have never been available before, and it also overhauls old systems by allowing new types of interactions.

Finances and transfers will pose a challenge

Two major aspects of managing a football club in Football Manager 2024 are finances and recruitment. They are unavoidably tied and impact the development of your club and its survivability. As a manager, you must have tight control over the club's expenses. If you go red you will be forced to sell players or look for alternative ways of funding your efforts if you want to keep the club running and in the competition. Football Manager 2024 does a much better job than its predecessors on that field. The game will notify you about your expenses and actual budget, and it will also offer you a detailed list of possible candidates that you can sell or transfer in order to get the funds the club needs. If you ignore those suggestions and fail to get the money your club needs, the board will take control of this matter and will start selling players for you.

Football Manager 2024 features a more competitive transfer market system too. AI-controlled managers will now keep into account the weaknesses and imbalances in their squads when looking for players to fill those gaps. Also, the potential growth of the new players will be taken into account. These changes will generate a more competitive transfer market that feels more dynamic and reactive than in previous games.



These two are just a couple of small changes included in the plethora of novelties that Football Manager 2024 is bringing to the series. When the game is released on November 6, 2023, the fans will have access to a more detailed experience than ever. Some of them may even be able to access the game earlier. If you don't want to be late to your date with the best football management simulation series, the best deals on Football Manager 2024 PC codes are available with our comparator already.

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