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F1 2020 gets a free trial on consoles

F1 2020 gets a free trial on consoles

Every year we get a new game that covers the current season of most of the popular competition in the world of motorsports. It happens with bikes and it happens with cars. Although there is a huge range of games in the racing genre, the F1 series is the one that covers all the details of the F1 World Championship competition. Every new game in the series includes new features that take simulation to a new level, turning gameplay into a realistic experience that is as close as most fans of F1 will get to drive some of the fastest cars in the world. F1 2020 is not the exception to the rule, and it includes all the teams and race circuits in the official competition for the current season. 

The amazing level of detail that F1 2020 offers, contributes to delivering one of the most realistic driving experiences available in the genre when it comes to driving but also for the whole experience of the championship and the races. As a result, the game can be a bit overwhelming for players that want to delve into the simulation for the first time. It's no surprise then that developer Codemasters has decided to make available a free trial of the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can download and play the free demo of F1 2020 already, and it will give you access to most of the features in the game.



You will be able to experience the return of the split-screen mode to the series. Also, F1 2020 comes with a series of options that will make driving much easier for newcomers, including steering and braking assistants. This season you will be able to race in two new circuits, Zandvoort in the Netherlands and Hanoi in Vietnam. The My Team mode will let you create your own racing team to take part in the F1 World Championship. Of course, the F1 2020 includes some additional features like Career mode, weekly events, classic car challenges, and more. 

F1 2020
F1 2020
  • Official website : F1 2020
  • Categories : Racing , Sports Sim
  • Editor : Codemasters
  • Developer : Codemasters
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : July 9, 2020
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