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Evolve goes free to play

Evolve goes free to play

2K Games has announced that their multiplayer four-against-the-beast FPS Evolve is changing to a free to play business model on PC. The title developed by Turtle Rock Studio and released last year is a shooter that pits four players in cooperative mode against another player-controlled alien beast on the surface of a wild planet. The team of 4 hunters has to chase the beast in a race against time, to try and kill it before the monster gets too powerful for them to handle. Each of the hunters has a specialized role and cooperation is a must if you want to live through the hunt.



Those that already own the game will be granted the "Founder" status along with extra rewards and keeping all the content they already owned. Along with this change in their business model, Turtle Rock has announced a batch of tweaks and changes that range from various improvements in several aspects of the game to a total rework of their progression system and tutorials. The beta for Evolve to go free to play starts in barely a few hours and depending on how successful is this change the same model will be done for consoles, but there is no set date for that to happen.

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