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Evict ghosts to sell houses in Haunted House Renovator

Evict ghosts to sell houses in Haunted House Renovator

Enter the spooky side of real estate with this new horror-comedy game: Haunted House Renovator, a cross between House Flipper and Phasmophobia. Developed by Image Power S.A.,  Haunted House Renovator puts you in the shoes of a one-person renovator crew seeking to remodel abandoned houses into profitable homes for buyers. Before you can do that, however, you need to get rid of the ghosts living in the domicile. Check out the hilarious trailer here:



Much of Haunted House Renovator is played for laughs. You have to make the house livable for buyers—or at the very least seem that way. Your tasks include mundane activities such as cleaning up the trash, fixing electrical problems, and replacing rotten wallpaper. But you can definitely count on things taking a turn for the weird as you erase unholy symbols, vacuum up ghosts, catch a goblin in your net, and scrub blood stains from the furniture. You may encounter problems that either can’t be fixed or are too expensive to be cleaned, so you have no choice but to sweep them under the rug—or as shown in the trailer, hide skeletons behind the grandfather clock. 

Through it all, you have to keep track of your expenses, the resale value of the house, and the amount of paranormal activity still left to fix. It’s interesting to see how much you can actually clean up in a home given a limited budget, but I bet it’s even more interesting to see what will happen if you fail to clear all the spooks. Can the buyers take a little haunting, or are they going to run out screaming at the first sign of paranormal activity?

Haunted House Renovator is scheduled for release sometime in 2023 for the PC and consoles. It’s a little early for prices, but visit our comparator for a Haunted House Renovator PC CD key later on.

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