EA Giving Away DLCs for Battlefield 1 and 4

EA Giving Away DLCs for Battlefield 1 and 4

Here’s some consolation for the earlier disappointing news about the Battlefield 2042 delay—EA has announced that they are making downloadable content for Battlefield 1 and 4 available for free for a limited time. Not bad, considering this is on the heels of the Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion that was given away last month. Both DLCs focus on water-based warfare. You can check out their trailers for both content.



The first giveaway is Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC. Here you take the fight to the South China Seas, where you fight for conquest and territory in tropical islands, the city of Nansha, shipping docks, and even a cliff-side resort. Five additional weapons and two new gadgets are included: the 3-grenade 40mm 3GL and the Anti-Heli AA mines. It also includes a hovercraft to let troops traverse the water and perform amphibious assaults. 



The second free DLC is the Turning Tides DLC for Battlefield 1. This large DLC includes beach assaults and naval conflicts. It introduces the British Royal Marines, Operation: Gallipoli, and four new maps: Achi Baba, Cape Helles, Heligoland Bight, and Zeebrugge.

Also included are seven weapons, four gadgets, and three vehicles: the L-Class Destroyer, the C-Class Airship, and the SK45 Coastal Cannon.

These giveaways are available only for the next three days, so grab them while you can. Once you have them, they’re yours for good. You can download them through the Microsoft/PlayStation website or the in-house Xbox or PlayStation stores. 

If you don’t have either of the base games yet, you can check out the best game deals for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4. Both games are available on the PC, PS4, PS3, and Xbox and will certainly help tide over the wait for Battlefield 2042.


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