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Dynasty Warriors 9 producer wishes for a Star Wars musou

Dynasty Warriors 9 producer wishes for a Star Wars musou

Over the years, some well-known series have migrated to the Musou universe. The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, and Persona are some examples. And as far as Dynasty Warriors 9 producer Akihiro Suzuki is concerned, one more name could join this list: Star Wars.

In an interview with the JPGames website, the producer revealed his desire to work on a Star Wars musou project but made it clear that this was just his opinion and not a confirmation of something that will actually happen in the future.

"Within the dev team, a lot of different IPs and works have been brought up," Suzuki said. "This is solely my own opinion, but my own personal wish would be for a Star Wars crossover."

When we look back in time, we can remember that the Star Wars franchise has ventured into some other galaxies over the years, with titles like Star Wars Episode I: Racer being one of those different genres. So perhaps a Musou title is nothing entirely out of the ordinary. Imagine blasting your force away and sending hundreds of Stormtroopers from Naboo to Tatooine. 

What's a musou game?


This game genre is defined by putting the player on an open field facing countless enemies head-on, using weapons such as swords, spears, chains, and axes. You can do a sequence of different hits, and the longer you do them, the better you are rewarded with a flashy finishing move. 

Think of Musou as a combination of beat 'em ups and hack 'n slash. The focus is on fighting multiple adversaries emphasizing how powerful your character is in relation to them. You are truly a behemoth on the battlefield, and watching that body count rising is borderline psychotic but incredible fun!

I don't know about you, but musou games have always been cathartic, and Star Wars Jedi could fit the genre like a glove. But while that's not happening, check out the deals on the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga CD Key and brave the entire franchise with the most enchanting plastic bricks in the galaxy, or try the latest Samurai Warriors 5 and glimpse its cartoonish themed-style take on the great daimyo Nobunaga Oda. 

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