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Dying Light: The Following is out already!

Dying Light: The Following is out already!
Publisher Warner Bros has distributed the launch trailer for Dying Light: The Following to celebrate its release. The highly anticipated expansion for the best survival-horror title of 2015 is finally out today and the lunch trailer serves as an introduction for the story it brings into the game. You may be able to change the way you have been forced to live lately, where having to survive in a city full of zombies that want to kill and eat you has become your top priority. You have heard a story about a cure, something that will put an end to the nightmare, but there might be more than you expected behind it.

Dying Light:The Following Launch Trailer

But The Following adds much more to the game than a story. If you already thought Dying Light map was big, prepare to be amazed, because the expansion will let you explore at your will the open area outside the quarantine zone for the first time, and it's as big as all the previous content together. It also includes improved visuals and gameplay enhancements along with new characters, weapons, and quests. And you won't have to worry about exploring all that on foot since fully customizable dirt buggies are also available!Dying Light had a great cooperative gameplay already, but this expansion brings so much amazing things into the game and opens so many new gameplay possibilities that you can't really miss it.
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