DotA 2 introduces two new heroes

DotA 2 introduces two new heroes

The competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) from Valve continues being one of the main references in the genre since it launched in 2013. DotA 2 is expanding its characters roster with two new entries that will be playable once the upcoming Outlanders update launches. Although they are expected to be playable this fall, we don't know when exactly the patch will arrive but you can already watch the introductory videos for Void Spirit and Snapfire.



Void Spirit is the fourth of the elemental Spirit brothers. He appears to be able to teleport and masters the powers of the void, and goes into combat wielding a double-edged spear, but we will have to wait a bit longer to see more of his abilities.

Snapfire looks quite cool. She is the kind of grandma that you would like to have if you were a red goblin and you loved DotA 2, an older lady that rides a fire-breathing lizard and who is able to buff her teammates with the cookies that she bakes. She wields a triple-barreled shotgun to defend herself from pesky opponents and cookie thieves.

If you are one of those dedicated DotA 2 players out there you have probably been watching The International 2019 this weekend. The championship awarded esports largest single-event prize pool with $34,103,341, almost $10 million more than last year’s purse. OG managed to be victorious this year becoming the first team that manages to win the championship on two consecutive years.

We don't know yet if Valve will be releasing any other characters for DotA 2 this year, but we anticipate that Void Spirit and Snapfire will give the professional players enough of a headache to adapt their strategies once their skill sets are revealed. In any case, whether you are a professional player or not, both characters look quite amazing and fun to play. You just will have to wait a bit longer to try them.


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