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DOOM’s multiplayer modes revealed

DOOM’s multiplayer modes revealed

As the release date for the title gets closer publisher Bethesda Softworks is revealing more and more information about upcoming installment of the DOOM series. This time it's the turn of the six different competitive multiplayer modes that the game developed by id Software will feature at launch. They have published a new video that shows how all of them work.


DOOM – Multiplayer Modes Revealed

Soul Harvest, Freeze Tag, Warpath, Clan Arena, Domination and Team Deathmatch, those are the six different ways of testing your skills in a frantic and brutal competitive experience that has become the signature of the DOOM franchise over the years. Soul Harvest and Team Deathmatch are quite similar, but in the former, you will have to collect the soul of the opponents you kill (represented by a skull icon on the screen). You can pick up your teammate's souls to prevent that the enemies score points getting them but those won't count towards the score. Also, a power-up item with the form of a demon rune appears when a player is killed for the first time in the match. It turns whoever picks it up into a demon that will get double souls when killing someone and that drops five souls when killed. Freeze Tag is about freezing the enemies and unfreezing teammates. You will be frozen solid instead of dying and can be unfrozen by nearby teammates over time. If a team manages to freeze the whole opposing team it wins immediately. Otherwise whoever freezes more wins the match. Watch out because you can still be destroyed by environmental damage when frozen. Warpath is not your typical king-of-the-hill mode, because the location you need to control is a moving area that won't always be in a safe position. Whoever gets first to a certain preset score or has the highest score when the time runs out wins. In Domination teams will struggle to control three different static capture points spread over the map, but also a demon rune will spawn offering a significant advantage to the team that picks it up. Team Deathmatch follows the usual rules and Clan Arena is like a hardcore deathmatch with no pickups, no respawns, no demon runes and no heals or armor recovery. Only for real badasses. DOOM is scheduled for release on May 13 for Pc, Xbox One and PlayStation 4so you still have enough time to get ready for it. It may be a good idea to check previous titles of the series and have some fun shotting down demons while you wait for the launch.

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