DOOM Eternal won’t have microtransactions

DOOM Eternal won’t have microtransactions

id Sofware's upcoming shooter DOOM Eternal will move away from the current trend of including a shop where to buy things with real money. If you were wondering if the upcoming installment in the DOOM series is going to require that you spend extra money to enjoy the game or be competitive during multiplayer gameplay you can rest assured that it will not be the case.



Doom Eternal Creative Director Hugo Martin has revealed such information through a post on a Facebook group that is dedicated to the game. He reveals that DOOM Eternal will include no shop and that nothing that you can unlock with XP in the game will have an impact on your gameplay. So it will be impossible to take advantage of bought items to enhance your performance. That is great news for all those that enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the games in the DOOM series.

He also defined DOOM Eternal as a complete experience and added that even though there are items that you can unlock in the game using the XP you gain, those are purely cosmetic and you can skip them completely because they have zero impact in your progress through the game.

Martin has also discussed the difficulty of DOOM Eternal in an interview. He explained that they have worked a lot to ensure that the game provides an appropriate difficulty curve.

"Just finding the pacing and nailing that, figuring that out early enough in development to be able to polish it was critical to making the game feel like it was exciting, exhilarating, but not frustrating. It’s okay to be frustrated so long as I know what I did wrong and don’t feel like the game is screwing me. That’s very important."




DOOM Eternal aims to be one of the big hits of 2020 and restore the DOOM franchise to its rightful spot as one of the most important in the FPS genre. Its release is scheduled for March 20, 2020, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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