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DOOM DLC Hell Followed is already out

DOOM DLC Hell Followed is already out

Hell Followed is the title of the new premium DLC pack for DOOM. Bethesda Softworks has just released it as the second of the three paid expansion packs planned for id Software's FPS. You can get it separatedly or as part of the Season Pack and it comes loaded with content that will expand and improve your multiplayer experience:

  • Cacodemon: A new player-controlled flying monstrosity that will devour enemies at close range and electrocute them with ball-lightning attacks.
  • The Reaper: A powerful demonic weapon able to shoot Hell energy in rapid-fire bursts or concentrated attacks.
  • Threat Pulse: A new gadget capable to launch a pulse that will reveal close enemies, even through walls.
  • New hack modules.
  • New armor and taunts that provide even more customization options for your marine.
  • Three new multiplayer maps:
    • Argent Breach – Battle among ancient burial ruins of the Templars, where statues of heroes past overlook the machinery of a fallen society.
    • Molten – Clash in a world littered with volcanic temples and fight inside a crumbling facility dedicated to harnessing energy from the lava that envelopes the entire planet.
    • Orbital – Fight in low gravity aboard a robotic station in deep space. Surprise opponents from above, but be careful not to fall into the vastness of space below.
  • Five new silver trophies to unlock.

DOOM – Hell Followed Now Available

As a bonus, there is a double multiplayer experience event running through this weekend. It will end on October 31 at 6PM CET/9AM PT/12PM ET, so you have plenty of time to get it and blast your way through the enemies for awesome XP!

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