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Dollhouse launch trailer is out

Dollhouse launch trailer is out

Psychological horror is a video games genre that may not be attractive to everyone but it undoubtedly has a lot of fans. Those interested in that kind of games can now experience Dollhouse, a narrative horror game published by SOEDESCO and developed by Creazn Studio. Dollhouse follows the story of Marie, a woman that suffers amnesia. The only memory that she keeps from her past is of the night when her daughter Emily died. Marie, once known as "The best detective in the world" is desperate to recover her lost memories and you will have to help her to do that. You will be the main guest to her mind, where she has built a nightmarish world. She is trapped in there and your mission will be to guide her as she finds what's remaining of her memories, discovers what happened to her daughter and escapes this crazy Dollhouse.



During the journey, she will relive past experiences and meet characters of her past. As you guide her, your decisions will give shape to the story, that will develop one way or another depending on what you choose. But the real scary thing of all this is not the secret that may be hidden in your memory, or even the oppressive and gloomy scenarios of the Dollhouse where Marie is trapped; the worst of all comes when she realizes that she is being pursued by someone that may harbor ill intentions towards her... Dollhouse pays homage to 1950’s film noir. With its intricate story, that can become even more complex depending on your decisions, and its eerie scenarios, Dollhouse manages to deliver gameplay that will hook the fans of the genre with very interesting twists. You can, for example, use the "Focus" feature to be able to see through the eyes of your pursuer, trading off the suspense of uncertainty for the thrill of knowing where he is and what he is doing.

There is more than the single player campaign and the story in Dollhouse. You will also be able to jump into online multiplayer games where you will play cat and mouse with 14 other players through procedurally generated maps, each of you having a different target and being targeted by someone else. If you want to discover what secrets Dollhouse hides you can already play the game on PC and PlayStation 4.

  • Official website : Dollhouse
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : SOEDESCO
  • Developer : Creazn Studio
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : May 24, 2019
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