Find the best games prices while browsing the web!

Find the best games prices while browsing the web!

If you've been following us, you already know that dLcompare is the place to go if you want to find the best prices for your favorite games. Our website does the hard work for you and compare the prices for video games and game cards from a wide variety of retailers and display them in an easy and accessible way so you just have to click on the one you want and then be sent to the appropriate shop to purchase them, saving a good amount of money and time. Also, we offer other services, like a blog with daily news that will allow you to keep track of deals, beta events, and the latest news in the world of video games.

We continuously try to improve our services and in order to make things even easier for you we have launched a dLcompare extension that provides you with the best prices for your favorite games on the fly as you navigate the internet. You just need to download and install the extension and it will provide you with the best prices for a video game while watching a video, reading news about it, or browsing the internet. The information will appear on a small overlay on the side of your screen that you can open, and you will get instant access to the best deals available for a certain game as well as its expansions without even having to visit our site. If you decide to purchase the game or get more information about it, a single click will redirect you to our site.



The dLcompare extension for your browser is the ultimate tool for saving cash when buying video games. Currently, it's available on Google ChromeFirefox, Opera and Brave, but we are working to extend its functionality to other browsers in the future.

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