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Disney Speedstorm early access date announced

Disney Speedstorm early access date announced

Disney Speedstorm is a cartoon-based racing game with a huge cast of beloved characters from Disney and Pixar, and it’s coming on April 18. You’ll be able to play as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and more in this kart racing game. Check out the Disney Speedstorm gameplay trailer here:



Much like similar racing games, each character can be leveled up and has unique skills that you can use to gain an advantage on the track. Apart from these skills, every track has also different environments and challenges to master. Levels include The Jungle Book’s ruined cities, the Scare Floor from Monsters Inc., and the docks from Pirates of the Caribbean. You can play solo or with friends on local or remote modes, 

Disney Speedstorm was originally slated for a Summer 2022 release but got pushed back by a year. Since then, the developers have elected to put it out on Early Access first, a common theme with other games like the recent Sons of the Forest and The Outlast Trials. Pre-ordering the game will also net you the Founder’s pack, which is filled with additional content:

  • You immediately unlock Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
  • You also get an additional racer of your choice from any of the following: Baloo, Belle, the Beast, Elizabeth Swann, Shang, or Mowgli.
  • You gain 4,000 Tokens as an in-game bonus currency.​
  • Two Golden Pass Credits, a currency you can use to purchase seasonal rewards like liveries, suits, currencies, new racers, and so on.
  • You also get an exclusive Founding Member racing suit and kart livery for all the unlocked characters mentioned above.
  • Finally, you also get an exclusive Founder’s Motto and Avatar.

Disney Speedstorm is available for Early Access this April 18. You can pre-order the game and get all the goodies by purchasing a Disney Speedstorm PC key, cheap from our comparator.

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