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Disco Elysium receives a new gameplay mode

Disco Elysium receives a new gameplay mode

Disco Elysium was one of the biggest surprises of 2019. Nobody expected that a relatively unknown developer would launch such a great RPG, and since it was launched in October the game has managed to get a lot of fans that love being a detective in the crowded streets of Revachol. Taking inspiration in classic Infinity Engine role-playing games like Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale, Disco Elysium takes the action to a more modern and sordid universe where the player is granted with almost total freedom of action as he investigates a murder case in Martinaise, a district of the city where poverty, corruption, and crime are the main principles of life.

Life in Revachol is not easy at all for a detective that has problems with alcohol and drugs, but after the latest update of the game, you will find that it can be even more difficult. Developer ZA/UM has added the Hardcore True Detective mode to Disco Elysium, to make things even more complicated for the players.



It raises the difficulty of the game in several ways, and if you are up for a challenge you should give it a try. Among the few things that this mode changes you will find that the difficulty checks for all the skills will be harder and your chances to become a Total Disaster Cop are higher. On the economic side, you will have access to less money and your favorite drugs will also be more expensive and less effective, although the more extreme situation you will be in will drive you to consume these more often, leading to an even more stressful situation. But not everything will be bad in this new game, and you will gain experience at an increased rate too, which will make you get more skills and faster.



At the same time, the last Disco Elysium update allows the game to support ultra panoramic screens for an enhanced game experience.

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