Destiny 2: Lightfall lets you swap equipment mid-game

Destiny 2: Lightfall lets you swap equipment mid-game

Destiny 2: Lightfall is going to be a total game-changer for many reasons. Not only does it introduce several new subclasses whose abilities revolve around a new element, but the expansion also brings significant changes to certain gameplay systems. Some of them have already been implemented in Destiny 2 ahead of the upcoming release. For example, all players can now access armor mods, which is a huge bonus for those that want to play the free version of Bungie's shooter. But there is much more coming.

The release of Destiny 2: Lightfall will put an end to a very specific limitation that made swapping your armor a chore. Right now, you have to abandon whatever mission you are on and go back to orbit in order to change your equipment loadout. This heavily hinders you at the time of adapting to different situations and enemies on the battlefield. Fortunately, these days will be over very soon. The new loadout system in Destiny 2: Lightfall allows players to swap their equipment while on any activity. This new feature will be especially handy on raids.



The system is limited to ten different equipment loadouts, but it lets you swap from the different builds on the fly without using slow third-party programs. The new system includes armor mods, weapon perks, and even cosmetics. With this addition, Destiny 2 will become much more user-friendly for those players that want to enjoy the game at the best possible level. 

The upcoming expansion for Destiny 2 will launch on February 28. You can check out the best deals on Destiny 2: Lightfall codes with our comparator already.

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