Dead Space Remake coming early 2023

Dead Space Remake coming early 2023

Good news to fans looking forward to the Dead Space remake. According to publisher EA and developer Motive, the classic sci-fi survival horror game is coming to consoles and PC in early 2023. That may sound like a long wait, but to whet our appetites, Motive has released a nearly hour-long audio developer livestream explaining the behind-the-scenes work on Dead Space’s sound system. Check it out now:



Philippe Ducharme, Dead Space senior producer, noted:

“We want to make sure that we’re in a place where the game we’re gonna deliver is gonna be delivering on the expectations of fans. That’s what’s most important. So right now we’ll say, early next year. We have a date in mind. We want to make sure everything converges for this. We’re actually just a couple weeks away from doing our first full walkthrough of the game. We’re still pre-alpha, but we believe we’re gonna be in a solid position to meet the date that we have in mind.”

The livestream showed updates and enhancements to Dead Space’s already impressive audio design, including how weapons sound and how noise works when traversing corridors. 

The stand-out feature is the new ALIVE system. Simply put, Isaac’s breathing, heart rate, and dialogue naturally respond to his level of stress, fatigue, and injury. For example, moving around while wounded will have him wincing in pain, and he would be panting during dialogue after running away from Necromorphs. 



Motive further promises “an improved story, characters, gameplay mechanics and more as they fight to survive a living nightmare aboard the desolate mining starship, the USG Ishimura, all while uncovering the dreadful mystery of what happened to the slaughtered crew and ship.”

The Dead Space remake is coming out in early 2023 for the PC, Xbox X|S, and PlayStation 5. Keep an eye on our comparator for the best prices on a Dead Space code.

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