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Dead by Daylight is full of new content

Dead by Daylight is full of new content

Released in 2016 on PC and later on consoles, Dead by Daylight was a hit among the players, having sold three million copies the year of its release.

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. On a map, four survivors have to escape from a bloodthirsty killer, who tries to eliminate all of them to win. The game features a variety of different killers with unique abilities, including some characters from famous horror movies, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream or Halloween. The same goes for survivors, and you can also develop your characters.



Dead by Daylight regularly gets new content in the form of chapters, which act as DLC, including new killers, survivors, and items. Another way for developers to add content to the game is through Archives. And Dead by Daylight has just received Tome II: Reckoning, which like Tome I: Awakening adds new challenges to the game, allowing players to earn a certain number of rewards. You will also discover the history of some of the characters through new elements: the memories.

In addition to this, Dead by Daylight also offers a new event called The Scarlet Swarm to celebrate the Year of the Rat and the Lunar New Year. Available in-game since yesterday, it will be up until February 4. For the occasion, a special lobby has been added, as well as hooks and generators in the colors of the event. Fireworks are also part of it. You can unlock new rat-themed items, such as charms, by simply logging into the game during the event. The in-game shop also has two new outfits for Jeff and Susie, and if you missed the ones that were available last year, you can get them with a 30% discount.



To find out all the content related to the event, you can consult the official game website at this address. And if you don't already have Dead by Daylight, you will find it at the best price on our comparator.

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