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Dawn of War 3 customization options revealed

Dawn of War 3 customization options revealed

SEGA has released information and pictures that explain cosmetic and gameplay customization options for Dawn of War 3.

As we get close to the launch date for the third entry in the Dawn of War series more information about this highly anticipated strategy title is being revealed. This time, its the turn for the customization options for the armies to be present in the game. The possibility of editing the colors and patterns of your armies either creating completely new ones or using preset schemes based on the designs of the Space Marine Chapters, Orc Clans and Eldar Craftworlds of the Warhammer 40000 universe is nothing new to the franchise but an army painter is quite welcome. What is completely new is the introduction of Doctrines for your army and elite units that will allow you to change the way your troops behave and adapt them to the type of gameplay you like.

You will be able to choose three doctrines for your army and your elite units will be able to gain one doctrine each up to a total of three. Army doctrines affect your ordinary units, boosting them with skills that widen the tactical options of your army in ways that can be quite significant. For example, Webway Holo-field will give eldar webway gates the ability to project a stealth field around them that affects both them and nearby units, Scout Strike will grant marine scouts extra damage when firing from cover, and Slice ‘Em will add slow and damage over time effects to the Defkopta’s Buzzsaw Blitz ability.

Elite doctrines are divided into two types: Command and Presence Doctrines. First ones take effect if the elite unit is equipped in your army, and presence doctrines take effect only when the correspondent elite unit is deployed on the battlefield. As examples of those, Eldar Farseer Macha can use Last Chance to save from death and heal other elite units, Gorgutz’s Keep Trukk’n boosts units ejected from Trukks with a temporary shield, and Gabriel Angelos can boost Dreadnought's Slam skill so it adds a shield that increases their durability.

All those customization options offer a new layer of depth to de strategy in Dawn of War 3, and if you want to give them a try you can sign up for the open beta that developer Relic Entertainment will be hosting later this month. The event will be open from April 21 to April 24, previous to the official release of the game on April 27.

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