Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan will be released this summer

Dark Pictures Anthology – Man of Medan will be released this summer
Announced at Gamescom 2018, The Dark Pictures Anthology is an upcoming series of games developed by Supermassive Games, also the original studio of Until Dawn, and released by Bandai Namco. The Dark Pictures Anthology is, as its name suggests, in the form of an anthology, grouping several titles with the theme of survival-horror, and whose first episode is called Man of Medan.

With a narrative similar to Until Dawn, Man of Medan, takes inspiration from horror cinema, including slashers. The game tells the story of five young adults going on an expedition at sea, to find a wreck of a ship dating from the Second World War. But all will not happen as planned; caught in the middle of a storm they will be stuck aboard a ghost ship, which they will have to try to escape. In Man of Medan, you will play all the characters in turns, and your goal will be to bring them all alive out of this nightmare. The game promises great replayability, as your actions will have a direct impact on subsequent events, and several purposes will be available.

On the Supermassive games Youtube channel, several videos called Dev Diary have already been published to keep players informed and to focus on certain aspects of development. A short story called Watery Grave has just been revealed. In the latter, the developers tell us how much care they have given to the maritime aspect of the game. We learn how they created the effects of movement of the boat on the sea, but also objects and characters, or how they recreated the soundscape, capturing, for example, the sound of waves and a boat engine. Another crucial piece of information appears at the very end of the video. Indeed, we learn that Dark Pictures Anthology - Man of Medan will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this summer. The precise date has not yet been revealed but it will undoubtedly be very soon. To find Dark Pictures Anthology - Man of Medan at the best price, visit our comparator.
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