Control details its gameplay features in several videos

Control details its gameplay features in several videos
The release date of Control is getting closer, and Remedy Entertainment has decided to reveal a bit more of the features in their upcoming action-adventure game. Starting a week ago they have been publishing several videos that explain a bit more about their game. Watching them, we can see that Jesse Faden will have a hard time dealing with the always-changing environment that she will find in the Oldest House while she tries to get rid of the corruption caused by the Hiss. Don't worry about watching them all because they are spoiler-free.

As you can see in the videos, the Oldest House has become a very dangerous place after being corrupted by the Hiss. The place has turned into some kind of supernatural nightmare where Jesse will find all kind of threats. Most of them will come in the form of staff members of the Federal Bureau of Control that have been possessed and changed by the invading entity. Whether they are armed with guns or have some kind of supernatural abilities, they will pose a huge threat to her. Jesse won´t be short on options to deal with those threats. She will unlock telekinetic powers that will let her manipulate the environment and, for example, move objects to form a barrier to stop incoming projectiles or turn any item into a weapon just by flinging it at the enemies with her mind. But her powers will not be her only weapon in Control; her Service Weapon is also an Object of Power with supernatural capabilities that can be customized with a variety of configuration that will alter its capabilities. She will have to learn to configure it to achieve the best results in every situation if she wants to get through the Oldest House alive and get rid of the Hiss.

One very interesting thing about Control is that the game doesn't feature a linear progression and as Jesse unlocks different powers she will be able to access various locations that were not available to her at the start of the game. This feature, combined with the tactical depth that the Service Weapon customization and her supernatural powers provide, will grant that every game will be a completely different experience for every player. If you are eager to play Control, you can learn more about the game following us or visiting the game's Youtube channel. Remember that Control is scheduled for a release on August 27 on PC via Epic Games Store, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. You can find the best prices to buy it anytime on our comparator.
  • Official website : Control
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : 505 games
  • Developer : Remedy Entertainment
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : August 27, 2020
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