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Bugsnax is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch

Bugsnax is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch

It's been a long while since Bugsnax was released as an exclusive title for PlayStation consoles and on PC via Epic Games Store. This game, created by Young Horses studio, is a unique indie adventure set on an island populated by strange creatures. Bugsnax follows the story of a journalist that visits Snaktooth Island to film a documentary about its strange inhabitants. It's a colorful place where the Grumpuses live, but it's also home to the Bugsnax, creatures that are a combination of bug and snack. The most surprising thing about them is that the Grumpuses can take different shapes and gain different abilities depending on the Bugsnax they eat. In this somewhat weird scenario, you have to investigate the disappearance of the explorer that led you to discover the island, Lizbert Megafig.

The Isle of Bigsnax

Bugsnax features a combination of puzzles and exploration mechanics that revolve around the unique beings that populate the island, and it's quite a fun game with more than 100 different species to capture. Developer Young Horses is ready to expand it with more content too. The game will receive a free update called The Isle of Bigsnax, which includes a new mass of land full of new quests, puzzles, and Bugsnax types for the players to discover. It also brings a new addition to the game that comes in the form of fancy hats for you to wear. 



The Isle of Bigsnax update will arrive on April 28, and it will be available on more platforms than ever. Bugsnax will drop its PlayStation and Epic Games Store exclusivity on the same date, and it will release on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. It will also be included in Xbox Game Pass as a free game for all the subscribers of Microsoft's service. Feel free to visit our comparator to get your Bugsnax code at the best price ahead of the release and enjoy the new free content.

  • Official website : Bugsnax
  • Categories : Adventure , Casual
  • Editor : Young Horses
  • Developer : Young Horses
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : November 12, 2020
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