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Blair Witch will have a new video game very soon

Blair Witch will have a new video game very soon

It's possible that the name of Blair Witch does not evoke anything for the youngest of you but it was one of the horror movies that became cult in the late '90s. Released in 1999, The Blair Witch Project follows the story of three film students who left to investigate the legend of Blair's witch in Burkittsville, Maryland. According to the locals, the woods are haunted, and that pushes the three friends to camp there in an attempt to know more. But the walk in the forest quickly turns to disaster. Blair Witch became famous largely thanks to his achievement, the film is entirely filmed by the characters themselves with a shoulder camera in a documentary way. Having been made with a small budget, it is not the special effects that create anxiety in the film, but the fact of not knowing what is happening, reflecting the spectator's own fears.

Blair Witch enjoyed a sequel and a remake in 2016, and three video-game adaptations in the past. A new game on the license has just been announced at E3 during the Xbox conference. Developed by Bloober Team, Blair Witch presents itself as a psychological horror game, in the same style as Layers of Fear, also developed by the studio. The trailer, broadcasted at the conference, sets the scene: you play as Ellis, a former police officer looking for a missing boy in the woods near Burkittsville. The game takes place in 1996, two years after the events of the film. The trailer shows finally quite little about the gameplay of the game.



The only things that we know about the game so far are that it will be played on the first-person view and that we will obviously be accompanied by a dog, who we imagine will also have a role to play. We can see the main character panting as he runs through the woods with a flashlight, and rather disturbing forms appear and disappear. According to the game's official website, Ellis would have a dark past and would face his own fears. We also noted the presence of a camera that will undoubtedly be a gameplay element. Finally, fans of the film will certainly have noticed the reference to the latter, in the scene that recalls the end of the film where we see a wall filled with bloody handprints, and a person standing facing the wall in a corner. Is it possible that Ellis crosses the path of the three missing students in this new Blair Witch game? We will have to wait to know it, but not very long since Blair Witch will be released on August 30, 2019, on Xbox One, and PC. See you this summer for a walk in the woods with Blair Witch.

  • Official website : Blair Witch
  • Categories : Adventure , Horror
  • Editor : Bloober Team
  • Developer : Bloober Team
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : August 30, 2019
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