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Back 4 Blood open beta is around the corner

Back 4 Blood open beta is around the corner

When Turtle Rock Studios embarked on its latest project they decided to stick to what they do best according to the experience of its developers and following the great success of the Left 4 Dead series, a rather similar game was the obvious choice. The announcement of Back 4 Blood would come afterward, generating a lot of expectation among the fans who enjoyed the first-person shooting cooperative series published by Valve, anticipating more of the multiplayer zombie-killing madness that made Left 4 Dead so popular in the past. 

Back 4 Blood will follow almost identical premises than Left 4 Dead, presenting us a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a severe outbreak caused by a parasite that transforms its victims into bloodthirsty monsters known as "Ridden". Of course, a group of survivors known as the "Cleaners" will take the role of heroes and try to find a way of putting an end to the problem by shooting down anything that moves. In Back 4 Blood, you can expect to find frenetic cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players and challenging PvP battles for up to 8 players with gameplay focused on replayability. Create your team, pick your starting cards from a deck that will modify several aspects of your characters, and proceed to fight whatever the game throws at you under the conditions the AI picks. Then rinse and repeat. Add a few tweaks here and there, new gameplay modes, and it's just more of the good old Left 4 Dead fun, and enough to get all the fans excited.



The release of Back 4 Blood is scheduled for October 12 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC, but ahead of that, all fans will have the opportunity of having a bit of fun during the beta. A first beta phase will take place from August 5 to August 9 in a first stage only available for those that have pre-ordered the game. If you are not among those, you still have a chance of trying Back 4 Blood by visiting the official website of the game and registering for a chance to participate or join a second beta phase open to all players that will run from August 12 to August 16. 

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