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The Anti-Gravity Racer Formula Fusion Released Today

The Anti-Gravity Racer Formula Fusion Released Today

Normal racing games started to become tedious, but thankfully we have R8 Games' Formula Fusion, which has racing, anti-gravity, and even guns. This all combines to make one really interesting racing game, and it finally launched today. If you've never heard about the game before, check out the release trailer down below to see hovering vehicles, lots of explosions, and crazy tracks.



Formula Fusion spent a nice amount of time in Early Access, but now it has been polished up and served to the public. The game is set in the year 2075, and people stopped using normal cars to race and started driving awesome hovercraft. Along the way someone also thought that it would be smart to attach some weapons to their vehicle, so now you basically have flying tanks going around the place and blowing things up. Well, it is nice to know that you have a Gauss Cannon that can be used to blow away the competition. Formula Fusion has a singleplayer campaign as well as a hectic multiplayer mode that up to 10 players can play. Players will have to slowly make a name for themselves in the campaign while also unlocking tracks, track variants, and even skins. The multiplayer W.A.R mode, which stands for World Anti-gravity Racing, is where you want to go if you think you're ready to test your driving and shooting skills against other players.

Formula Fusion definitely looks like a driving game that you want to try out if you're bored of the games that you typically find in this genre, so be sure to check it out to experience true anti-gravity mayhem!

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