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Abandoned: Blue Box denies the rumors about Kojima

Abandoned: Blue Box denies the rumors about Kojima

Rumors can get pretty crazy sometimes. Certain games or licenses are regularly the targets of all kinds of speculation, and this is often the case for games created by Hideo Kojima. The father of Metal Gear is a true rockstar in the world of video games and the creator of many great games, the latest of which is Death Stranding

It turns out that there are new rumors circulating about Hideo Kojima, or more precisely about a game that many gamers think to be his creation. It all started back in April, when Blue Box Game Studios, an independent German developer, unveiled the trailer for their very first game, which is called Abandoned. The game seems to be a kind of survival horror adventure in which you have to escape from a religious cult that is chasing you, all alone in the woods.


Abandoned reminded many players of Silent Hill. It didn't take much for a rumor to start circulating, claiming that Blue Box Game Studios was in fact a fake studio and that its creator, Hasan Kahraman, was none other than Kojima himself under a pseudonym, which is obviously not the case and has been denied several times by the studio. 

This may seem far-fetched, but the rumor has gained so much momentum that Hasan Kahraman, despite having denied the rumor, has finally published a video on the studio's Twitter account to prove his claims. 


It's clear that Abandoned is a real game that will be a PS5 exclusive at launch. It's expected to arrive in late 2021 and it could also be released on PC at some point.

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