A Myst remake brings back the iconic graphic adventure this month

A Myst remake brings back the iconic graphic adventure this month

Myst is THE graphic adventure game. It was the best-selling PC game for quite a few years. Its mind-boggling, cryptic puzzles have been a nightmare for many players through the years. Many others have deemed as impossible to progress through its entire storyline. Myst is an epic first-person journey that transports you to the eponymous island while reading a book. There you discover a beautiful world full of mysteries. As you investigate the apparently deserted island, you delve into its story and secrets, explore other worlds, and solve many challenging puzzles with no further help than your own intuition. The game features interactive scenarios, and its graphics were praised back at the time. 

Of course, the original Myst is a game from 1993. Therefore, it would be considered nothing more than an outdated graphic adventure nowadays, even though its storyline and puzzles still offer quite an interesting experience. A few Myst games have appeared over the years, including Myst Masterpiece Edition, which features overhauled graphics, and Riven, a sequel to the original game. But a new version of Myst will be available this month. This time Cyan Studios surprises us with a remake designed with VR in mind. Myst remake can also be played on a normal monitor. Even though it features new art, new sound, re-imagined interactions, more accessibility options, and an optional mode with puzzle randomization, it's quite clear that all its fans will be dying to immerse themselves in the world ofMyst in VR. The new Myst also comes with completely new graphics and supports several VR headsets and Ray Tracing. 


Myst remake will be available for VR platforms on August 26, and its 2D version will also be playable from the same date on Windows, macOS, and Xbox. Although Myst has been considered the epitome of boredom by many, it's also true that it's been one of the most popular PC games for almost ten years, and that's just good enough reason to give it a try if you are into graphic adventures.

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