5 best Content Warning mods you should try

5 best Content Warning mods you should try

Content Warning has quickly captured the attention of social horror game enthusiasts, attracting thousands of players at the same time. With its chilling yet humorous gameplay, perfect for playing with friends, Content Warning has the potential to become the next Lethal company. Just days after its release, talented fans have created numerous exciting mods for Content Warning, promising to enhance the gaming experience for players. Below is a list of the top 5 mods worth trying for Content Warning.

Please note that all mods in the following list require BepInEx to function, so please ensure you install it beforehand. Don't worry, the installation process is very simple, sometimes just two steps, just follow the instructions on the mod page.

1- Virality

Do you have more than 3 friends? Well, don't worry, Virality will help you increase the number of players in a Content Warning lobby to up to 200 so you can enjoy the fun with your friends! Virality also supports late joining and right-click Steam join. All players must install this mod and BepinEX to work properly.

Note: Currently, the developers ofContent Warning have implemented a restriction on lobby sizes from the server side, preventing modders from increasing the number of players in a single game. As a result, Virality and other similar mods that modify lobby sizes cannot be utilized at the moment. However, the developers have indicated their intention to reintroduce support for lobby size mods once the servers operate more smoothly.

2- MoreCustomization

Content Warning only allows 3 characters from the ASCII character set to decorate your face. Do you want to customize your face further? Then More Customization is the perfect mod for you. More Customization supports a 128 Character Limit For Face Customization, Copy/Paste in Terminal, and Infinite Size Adjustment For Face. This mod needs to be installed for all clients and requires BepinEX.

3- MakeMeRagdoll

As the name MakeMeRagdoll suggests, this mod adds the ability for you to ragdoll for no reason at all! This is the perfect mod for making content, pretending to be dead, doing some weird ragdoll dance, or simply using it to perform funny moves on camera. This mod is required for all players to work properly.

4- MoreSpookerVideo

A mod adding camera video in shop, allowing you to record even more content without being limited to a short camera recording time. You can set the starting currency or even increase the camera recording time and the number of views to reach per quota. This mod is also required for all players to work properly.

5- More Comments

Feeling that the comments on your videos uploaded to Spooktube are boring and repetitive? Then install More Comments right away, this mod will add more insightful and engaging comments for your videos and revamp existing comments to make them more refreshed and relevant.

These 5 mods promise to make your Content Warning experience even more fantastic and engaging. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and venture into the terrifying "Old World" to film the videos that will make your name! Don't forget to use our price comparison tool to buy Content Warning at the cheapest price.

Kitten Chucklenugget
Kitten Chucklenugget
Apr 8, 2024, 10:42 PM
imagine not having this game while it was free on launch day
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