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Relive your best moments playing arcade games with Windjammers 2 free demo

Relive your best moments playing arcade games with Windjammers 2 free demo

It's quite possible that many of you have never experienced how it was to play arcade video games in the past. Playing in a noisy amusement arcade full of pinballs and other coin-operated machines was a very common way of spending your time if you liked video games years ago, but now with the internet, personal computers and consoles it's something that can seem strange for a lot of people. There were a lot of video games that were designed with those places in mind, and Windjammers is one of those licenses that became quite popular during these years. Of course, things have changed a lot and most people play video games now comfortably sitting at their homes, but arcade games continue being a genre that has quite a lot of followers. It's no surprise then, that new versions of old arcades and sequels are often released, and this is the case for Windjammers 2.

We have had to wait 25 years to see a new version of the classic arcade game from Data East. Although the graphics have been modernized, the fans of the series will immediately recognize the thrilling gameplay of Windjammers 2. The game pits you against other players or an AI-controlled opponent in matches where the key is trying to score points by bypassing your opponent and hitting the wall behind them with your disc. It's pretty much like a tennis match but using a frisbee. Of course, every player has different special moves and ways of throwing the disc that they can use, and that make the match even more exciting.



Windjammers 2 doesn't need to offer a lot of new features or improvements to deliver the same exciting gameplay that made the series so popular in the past. If you are wondering how such a simple game can be so addictive, your best option is to give Windjammers 2 a try now that there is a free demo available on PC via Steam. The demo offers you local and on-line multiplayer matches and it will be available until June 22.

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